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Your advantages with rapid prototyping and rapid tooling

  • low development costs
  • short time of development
  • short time to market

Our services all around rapid prototyping and rapid tooling

  • project management from ideas up to series production
  • 3D-CAD
    development and construction assistance
    converting of 3D-data to STL-data
  • rapid prototyping
    selective lasersintering "polyamide based" AVI-Video 131kB
    polyamide lasersintering prototype
  • rapid tooling (small series / pre series)
    vacuum casting with silicon tools (plastic / metal)

    glass and carbon fibre plastic parts,
    epoxy tools (aluminium filled epoxy) and injection moulding of series material
    aluminium tools and injection moulding of series material

  • 3D milling, plastic and metal parts
  • surface treatment
    surface finish + varnish
    surface finished lasersintering prototype
    metallic surface

Gereral fields of application

  • design models, design studies, trade fair prototypes, traid fair exhibits
  • construction prototypes, 3D volume sampels
  • illustrative sampel for tooling
  • first model for vacuum casting in silicon tools
  • functional prototypes (function tests), fitting models, test models
  • small series, pre series
  • ...

Good reasons to order

  • low priced
  • short time of delivery
  • latest material and machines for high quality products
  • best know-how

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